Instrument Scheduler

The Shared Resources Instrument Scheduler is a web-based, online scheduling system that allows you to check availability, book time or check your reservation from your own computer, without visiting or calling the resource. Please read through the following computer account and network storage requirements.

The updated link to the Scheduler is at the bottom of this page.

Please replace your book-marked link in your browser with the new one.

Instrument Scheduler Login Requirements

To use Instrument Scheduler you need to meet all the following conditions:

  1. Have a HutchNet ID and password (learn more about Hutchnet IDs).
  2. Be on the Fred Hutch campus computer network or access it via the VPN (learn more VPNs ).

Network Storage Requirements

If you are planning on retaining the data you are gathering from an instrument through one of Fred Hutch’s Network Storage solutions, you are required to be registered to use one of the following services:

  1. Homelink account (learn more about Data Storage and Archiving).
  2. More coming soon…

Contact Shared Resources Support at if you have questions about access, accounts, or network services.

How to log into the Scheduler

Take note that the first time you log into the Instrument Scheduler, the site will ask you to verify your email address.  Please do not attempt to change your password here.  Press the Save button to continue on to the Scheduler.

Attempts to login to the Scheduler site from any other browser other than Internet Explorer will require you to use the login procedure #2 below. 

Here are some of the different ways you can log into the Scheduler.

  1. Logged into the Domain:

    If you are using your HutchNet ID to logon to a windows computer connected to the Campus Network or accessing it through the VPN, and using Internet Explorer to browse to the Scheduler site, then you should not see a login prompt.  As long as you are using the URL at the bottom of this page, your account should authenticate without any action needed from you.

  2. Not logged into the Domain but using a computer connected to the Campus Network:

    If you are using a computer that is connected to the campus network, but you did not use a HutchNet ID to log onto the computer then you will be asked to enter your HutchNet ID and Password.  This login requires you to prefix your HutchNet ID with the “FHCRC\” or suffix your HutchNet ID with the “” domain identifier. The later will work even if you do not have an email address account.  See examples below:

  3. Access to the Instrument Scheduler from outside the Campus Network is prohibited, but you can request remote access to the Campus Network through VPN software.  Once you have established a secure connection to the Campus Network, use URL link, your HutchNet ID, and procedure #2 in this section to log into the Scheduler.

Use this link to go directly to the new Instrument Scheduler Web site: http://srinstsched/mrm8/.

Contact Shared Resources Support at if you have questions.

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