PubMed Central & Institutional Repository Deposit

Before you complete this form, we recommend that you contact the library at or x4314 for guidance on your journal publisher's PubMed Central deposit policy and procedures.

Use this form to ask Library staff to submit and/or verify the submission of your manuscript to:

  • PubMed Central (to comply with the new NIH Public Access Policy's deposit mandate),
  • and Fred Hutch's institutional repository.

Library staff will then either:

  • submit your manuscript to PMC and our institutional repository,
  • or if your publisher has submitted on your behalf, we will check your manuscripts PMC deposit status and confirm it for you.

In either case, we will email you with the results of our efforts and supply you with your manuscript's embargo release requirement, the NIHMS or PMCID number as possible, and the new URL for your paper in our institutional repository.

Please ONLY submit manuscripts and the accompanying image and/or supplemental data files that have been accepted for publication by a journal AND which include all the edits from the peer-review process (the post-refereed/peer-reviewed version). Do NOT submit the official, published copy of the paper. Contact the library staff at if you have questions.



Author Information


Please select and note the name of the Author we should identify for NIHMS review and approval requests.

NOTE: this can be any author or grantee on the paper and this individual must have an ERA commons account for login purposes.



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Upload manuscript, images, movies and supplemental data


We recommend you submit one file for the manuscript, including any figures or tables. Upload supplemental files separately.

Make sure to clearly label images, figures, etc. within your documents. Contact the Library if you have questions, or if you need to submit more than 10 files.