Special Stains in Experimental Histopathology

(Updated August 2017)

Special Stain Demonstrates
Alcian Blue Mucin & Cartilage
Alcian Blue/PAS Acid & Neutral Mucosubstances
Alcian Blue, pH 2.5 Acid Mucopolysaccharides
Alcian Blue, pH 1.0 Sulfated Mucosubstances
Alizarin Red S Calcium
Beta-Galactosidase Whole tissue  
Beta-Galactosidase Frozen sections  
Brown and Brenn Gram (+) & (-) Bacteria
Congo Red Amyloid
Alizarin Red S/Alcian Blue (double-stain) Fetal Skeleton
GAS Fungus, pneumocystis, actinomyces
Genta H. pylori, spirochetes, legionella
Gomori Iron (Prussian Blue) Iron
Grimelius Argyrophil
Masson's Trichrome  
Movat's Pentachrome Mucin, Muscle, Collagen, Retic & Fribrin
Non-Specific Esterase  
Oil Red O Neutral Fats
Okajima's Stain Hemaglobin
Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) with Hematoxylin Bone Marrow
Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) with Fast Green Lung/Kidney
Picro-Sirius Red  Collagen
Prussian Blue (Gomori's Iron) Iron
PTAH Skeletal Muscle Cross-striations
Reticulin Stain (Gomori's) Reticulin Fibers
Sirius Red Eosinophils
Steiner Spirochetes, H. pylori
Thioflavin T Amyloid
Toluidine Blue Cartilage, mast cells, & bacteria
Turnbull Blue Ferrous Iron
Verhoeff Van-Gieson Elastic fibers
Von Kossa Calcium
Wright Giemsa Hematopoietic Differentiation
Ziehl-Neelsen Acid-fast bacteria
Bielschowski Nerve Fibers & Senile Plaques
Bile Stain  (Hall's method) Bilirubin
X-gal Staining for Frozen tissue  
X-gal staining for Whole Tissue  
X-gal staining for Mouse Embryos