Aperio Image Analysis Suite

The Aperio Image Analysis suite of tools will be availble to you after you log in to Spectrum (https://eslidemanager.fhcrc.org) (IP-restricted to Fred Hutch - accessible only when on campus or via VPN). A quick-start guide is available for accessing and installing Spectrum, ImageScope and Second Slide softwares. It includes the following analysis tools:

  • True stain separation
  • Nuclear quantification
  • Microvessel analysis
  • Area quantification
  • Membrane quantification
  • Rare event detection
  • Multi-stain quantification
  • Cytoplasm quantification
  • Genie histology pattern recognition

Image analysis will be accomplished using a team approach in order to ensure proper training, selection of region on interest (ROI), and full development and testing of analysis solutions. These teams will include the investigator(s), pathologists, and Experimental Histopathology staff. Please contact Experimental Histopathology to set up a meeting of your team.

Web Locations: Spectrum