Specimen Processing/Research Cell Bank Services

DNA Extraction
DNA extractions can be done from a variety of tissues and cells. The procedures used involve salting-out techniques appropriate to the source. See more
DNA Fingerprinting for Cell ID
DNA fingerprinting is provided using STR CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) typing. See more
ELISA, the plate-based biochemical technique used to detect and quantify analytes such as proteins, antibodies, hormones, is offered as a service by Specimen Processing/Research Cell Bank facility. See more
Mycoplasma Testing
Two different tests for mycoplasma contamination in cell culture are offered: a rapid mycoplasma testing using the MycoProbe kit from R & D systems and a mycoplasma and bacteria testing using the Plasmotest assay kit from Invivogen. See more
Pharmacokinetic Blood Processing
Specimen Processing now has a lab on the 7th floor of the SCCA to process blood samples within 30 minutes for clinical trial drug dosing studies (pharmacokinetic). See more
Processing Biospecimens
Blood, urine, buccal, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), and DNA samples can be processed in our facility. Data on samples is processed through computerized programs; and quality assurance procedures carried out. See more
Specimen Storage
Storage of specimens is available for -80 C and liquid nitrogen for small and large scale storage needs. See more
Tissue Culture (B cells)
Tissue culture service to produce or maintain B-lympohoblastoid cell lines starting from peripheral blood mononuclear cells. See more

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