Immune Monitoring News Stories

New IsoLight system available for cytokine analysis

Thursday August 2nd, 2018

Immune Monitoring has acquired a new instrument for cytokine analysis. It is the IsoLight system from Isoplexis....

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DNA Assembly and Custom Cloning Now Available from the Immune Monitoring Lab

Wednesday January 11th, 2017

The BioXp from Synthetic Genomics can assemble your DNA sequence of choice (400 to 1,800 base pairs in length), and even clone that DNA into the vecto...

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Immune Monitoring and Scientific Imaging Begin Using iLab

Tuesday March 25th, 2014

Shared Resources Administration is now using iLab’s Core Facility Management software for Immune Monitoring and Scientific Imaging....

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New Instruments and Clinical Grade Tetramers in Immune Monitoring

Sunday September 23rd, 2012

xCelligence System The xCelligence system measures changes in electrode impedance caused by cells on top of the electrodes....

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Synergyâ„¢ H4 multi-mode plate reader - New instrument in the Immune Monitoring Lab

Friday June 3rd, 2011

In response to requests from Center investigators, we have acquired and installed an advanced multi-mode plate reader – the Synergy™ H4...

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