Immune Monitoring Instruments

Applied Biosystems StepOne Plus
A compact QPCR system, the Applied Biosystems StepOne Plus is available for quantitative real-time PCR analysis. See more
Bio Tek Synergy H4 Hybrid Reader
Synergy H4 with Hybrid Technology is a multi-mode detector for reading 96 well plates. See more
Bio Xp system
The BioXp 3200 system synthesizes DNA sequences and can even clone that DNA into the vector of your choosing. See more
Cell Harvester
A 96-well cell harvester commonly used in lymphoproliferation assays is available for use. See more
This equipment from Biosys is specially designed for reading ELISPOT plates. See more
FPLC- Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography
The FPLC instrument is used to purify and analyze proteins. See more
IsoLight System
See more
Luminex 200
The Luminex 200 system is used for multiplex microbead cytokine analyses. See more
Microplate Luminometer
Microplate luminometer from Berthold, Model Centro LB960 has 3 injectors and is DLR ready. See more
Microplate Reader
Microplate reader (96-well plates and wavelength range of 400-750 nm) from ThermoLabsystems is available. See more
Microplate Washer
An automated microplate washer from Bio-Tek is available. See more
Roche LightCycler 480 II
Real-time PCR instrument for quantitative real-time PCR analysis. It can also be used for methylation analysis and high resolution melting analysis. See more
TopCount is a scintilation and luminescence counter from PerkinElmer that reads 96-well plates. See more
Vmax 96-cell Microplate Reader
The Vmax microplate reader can be used for ELISA and other immunoassays. See more
xCelligence System
The instrument can be used to monitor cell viability, morphology, cytotoxicity, adhesion and other cell-based assays. See more