Publications Supported by Genomics

Fred Hutch authors reported the use of Genomics in support of the following publications:

Year of Publication: 2008

Pritchard CC, Nelson PS.  2008.  Gene expression profiling in the developing prostate.. Differentiation; research in biological diversity. 76(6):624-40. Abstract
Rodriguez J, Muñoz M, Vives L, Frangou CG, Groudine M, Peinado MA.  2008.  Bivalent domains enforce transcriptional memory of DNA methylated genes in cancer cells.. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 105(50):19809-14. Abstract
Srinivasan S, Fredricks DN.  2008.  The human vaginal bacterial biota and bacterial vaginosis.. Interdisciplinary perspectives on infectious diseases. 2008:750479. Abstract