Experimental Histopathology Services

Digital Pathology
Experimental Histopathology provides a digitial pathology service using two powerful scanning systems for digitizing your slides: Aperio ScanScope FLis a fluorescent slide scanner and the Aperio ScanScope AT is a brightfield system which can automatically digitally scan up to 400 brightfield slides at a time. See more
Histology service includes tissue fixation, processing, sectioning and staining. See more
Histology Special Stains
Experimental Histology offers a wide range of Special Stains to look at connective tissue, mucins, lipids, nucleic acids, amyloid, microorganisms, and other proteins. Please check our list of current special stains. If your studies require a stain that we do not currently offer, we do provide Special Stain Development services. Please consult staff if you have questions about which stains to request. See more
Immunohistochemistry using a variety of methods, including immunoperoxidase, alkaline phosphatase and fluorescence. See more
Multiplex Immunohistochemistry
Multiplex IHC allows staining up to six biomarkers on one tissue section. See more