Cellular Imaging Services

Confocal and Fluorescence Microscopy
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Electron Microscopy
Electron Microscopy provides transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy for Fred Hutch, Cancer Consortium and Seattle area researchers. Services include immunogold labeling, negative staining, and a variety of sample preparations including cryo techniques, high pressure freezing (HPF) and automatic freeze substitution (AFS). See more
Karyotyping Human and Mouse Cell Lines
The cellular imaging resource offers a limited karyotyping service for research only, for example to test cell lines. See more
Morphometry and Image Analysis
The joint arrangement between the Bioinformatics and Cellular Imaging Shared Resources provides services to assist researchers with quantifying their imaging data in a rigorous and meaningful way. See more
Quantitative Gel and Blot Imaging and Analysis
The resource operates two scanners and dedicated software for the imaging and quantitative analysis of gels, blots, and plates, including applications such as Northern, Southern and Western blots, In Cell Westerns, and more See more
Quantitative Image Analysis (Cytometry)
The Cellular Imaging resource provides training and assistance with a variety of image cytometry techniques including cytometric analysis of cells in micro-plate format, cytometric analysis of slides, whole well imaging, validated end point and kinetic assays and 3-D measurements. See more