CCEH - Clonal Tracking and Canine Resource Development Services

Canine Histopathology
Experimental Histopathology provides a suite of histology, immunohistochemistry and comparative pathology services for the Canine lupis model. See more
Chimerism Analysis Using Fluorescent VNTR
This technology distinguishes and quantifies the relative contributions of donor and recipient cells in a transplant setting. See more
Consulting on Molecular Analysis and Canine Model Development
This category includes the design and implementation of a variety of molecular screening methods (please inquire). See more
Cytogenetics of Canine Cells
David McDonald provides canine cytogenetics, as a shared resources, at Fred Hutch. Please contact him at for details and costs. See more
DLA Typing Services
We offer Canine MHC Class I and Class II Typing See more
DNA Vector Insertion Analysis Using LAM-PCR
This technology identifies insertion sites of viral and plasmid vector DNAs within a host genome. See more
Genotype Screening
We design and carry out PCR screens for tracking transgenic and knockout alleles in mice. See more
Small-scale Animal Genomic DNA Purification
High quality genomic DNA will be purified with Qiagen chemistry from up to 5 x 106 cells or up to 50 mg soft tissue. DNA yield is up to 25 ug. See more