CCEH - Clonal Tracking and Canine Resource Development Products

Canine Blastocyst cDNA Library
One product of CCEH-Cell and Molecular Reagents is an amplified cDNA library derived from Canis lupus familiaris blastocyst. See more
Canine cDNA and Reporter Constructs
One type of product of the CCEH Cell and Molecular Reagents facility includes cDNA expression and reporter vectors for the Canis lupis familiaris model. See more
Canine Cells and Cell Lines
Several canine cell lines and cell populations have been developed and/or accumulated by the researchers at FHCRC, and are available to other users. See more
DLA Typing Protocols and Primers
We offer Canine MHC Class I and Class II Typing See more
Fixed Tissues
One product of Cell and Molecular Reagents facility, in support of research in the Canis lupus familiaris model, is fixed tissue. See more
Freezer-Milled Canine Tissue Samples
One class of products from CCEH Cell and Molecular Reagents in support of the Canis lupis familiaris model includes frozen, milled tissue. See more
RNA (Canis Lupus Familiaris)
Total RNA is extracted from tissues of normal healthy animals. Each tissue is Snap-Frozen in Liquid Nitrogen (LN), milled to a fine powder under LN in a freezer mill, and extracted with Trizol Reagent. mRNA is further purified by silica-binding on Qiagen RNAeasy columns. Purity and integrety of the RNA is tested by NanoDrop spectrophotometry, capillary electrophoresis, and RTPCR of a 1.7 Kb Beta Actin region. See more
RT-PCR Primers
Primer sets designed for RT-PCR of specific canine transcripts have been designed and optimized for robust, unambiguous RT-PCR analysis. Each primer set is designed to amplify a multi-exon region, which allows for distinction of genomic contamination products from the RTPCR product. Primers are tested and validated to produce a single, transcript-specific amplicon, with the predicted sequence, under the recommended cycling conditions. See more
X/Y Chromosome FISH Probes and Protocol
Item list coming soon. Protocol available at no charge. See more