HALO Link Upgrade FAQs

Q: What's the difference between HALO and HALO LINK?

  • HALO is the image analysis software; whereas, HALO Link is the image management system.

Q: Why are you changing things?

  • We believe that HALO Link is easier to navigate, has better functionality, communicates more smoothly with HALO analysis software, will improve image analysis experience with online batch analysis and reporting capabilities, and will better foster collaborations. http://www.indicalab.com/halolink/

Q: How do I log-in?

Q: How will this change impact me?

  • HALO Link will replace both eSlide Manager and ImageScope when viewing Aperio images. 
  • You can include your non-Aperio images, if you bring them into the system.
    Supported formats are:
    • JPG, TIF 
    • 3D Histech/PerkinElmer (MRXS, QPTIFF, TIFF)
    • Aperio (SVS, AFI)
    • Leice (SCN, LIF)
    • Nikon (ND2)
    • Olympus (VSI)
    • Hamamatsu (NDPI, NDPIS)
    • Zeiss (CZI)
  • You can access HALO Link from MACs in addition to PCs.
  • You can annotate, run batch analysis, and see your reports in HALO Link. However, the algorithms for batch analysis must still be created on a HALO workstation.
  • You can customize what information fields you want to see and in what order they appear.

Q: How can this improve my collaborations?

  • You decide who should have access to your studies, and you can invite them in to view, edit, or co-own. This can also be done for an individual study. There's no need for someone to have access to all of your slides just to see one study. Study access is currently limited to Fred Hutch employees and affiliates at this time.
  • You can leave messages for each other and create task lists.

Q: What are the main differences that I'll see in the HALO Link format vs eSlide Manager?

  • Each data group that you currently have access to will be its own study folder. 
  • Each project folder that you currently have in eSlide Manager will now be a study subfolder.
  • Some of the eSlide Manager Project fields have been brought down to the slide level, while others are in the description field for the substudy. Indica Labs is working to allow for the fields to be at the substudy level, so they don't have to be consolidated in the description.
  • You will see everyone who has access to the study.
  • There are different tabs to view the image, messaging, annotations, etc.

Q: Will there be training?

  • Brown-bag sessions to  demonstrate HALO Link, HALO  were hosted on March 16 and Fred Hutch employees can view videos of those sessions at the links below
    Session 1
    Session 2
  • There will be classes available via Hutch learning for more hands-on experience for both HALO Link and HALO.
  • One-on-one sessions will still be available, as needed. However, we ask that you try to attend the classes. 

Q: Will I need to do anything differently?

  • If you are scanning your own images on the Aperio, you will need to move your images in to your secure data group when you are done.
  • If you need to bring in non-Aperio images, we will work with you to move them into your data group.
  • You will still need to VPN in to access HALO Link when you're off campus, just as you do now for eSlide Manager. That also means that you will need to be an employee or affiliate to log into the system, just as it is now with eSlide Manager.

Q: What browser(s) can I use for HALO Link?