Changes to FFQ (GSEL to GNA)

  • Adjustment question for cereals now includes sweetened cereals
  • Adjustment questions for fat in cooking and fat added at the table were revised:
    • Butter blended with oil or margarine was added
    • Margarine categories were revised to more accurately capture varying fat content
  • Whole grain options were expanded
    • The previous line for “dark breads” was revised to “whole grain breads and rolls”
    • Whole grain crackers were added
    • Whole grains as a side dish (such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta) were added
  • Plain tortillas (flour and corn) were added
  • Several medium serving sizes were updated to reflect current portions commonly consumed:
    • Yogurt was changed from 1 cup to the more common serving of 6 oz
    • Rice, pasta and other grains as a side dish were changed from ¾ cup to 1 cup
    • Fruit and vegetable juices were changed from ¾ cup to 1 cup
  • Tea now has two categories: unsweetened/diet tea and presweetened/bottled tea 
  • The soft drink lines now specify that energy drinks should be included here
  • Brand names for products no longer widely available have been removed (i.e. SnackWells, Fruitopia)


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