About Shared Resources

The Shared Resources at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center consist of facilities and/or laboratories which are available for use by Fred Hutch investigators, Cancer Consortium members, and the external academic and biotechnology community. These centralized resources provide support for basic scientific and clinical research and projects within the public health sciences. The facilities give investigators the opportunity to augment their research with resources that would not otherwise be convenient or cost effective in each individual laboratory. Shared Resources also partners extensively with investigators, assisting with the initial experimental design and follow-on data analysis.

Shared Resources is led by Marion Dorer, Ph.D., who is the Vice-President of the Interdisciplinary Science Administration.

Senior Director Jeff Delrow, Ph.D., is the head of Shared Resources’ Molecular & Cellular Scientific Resources. This includes the following core facilities: Cellular Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Immune Monitoring, Proteomics, Specimen Processing, and Glassware/Media.

Senior Director Gordon Roble, DVM, is the head of Shared Resources’ Comparative Medicine & Translational Resources. This includes the following core facilities: Comparative Medicine (Large/Small Animal Facility and Animal Imaging), Preclinical Modeling Core Laboratory (CRISPR), Antibody Technology, and Experimental Histopathology.

Senior Operations Manager Stuart Tenney currently leads Shared Resources’ Scientific Operations which includes the: Administration, Billing, and Information Technology teams.

Each core facility is staffed by skilled personnel with expertise specific to that resource. In addition, training is provided to resource users in a variety of formats, including one-on-one, small group, online tutorials or class format.

Behind the scenes, the Shared Resources administrative team is responsible for business operations support, fiscal management, billing services, assistance with grant information, and IT support and development. See our contacts and FAQs to find out more details about Doing Business with Shared Resources.

Information about doing Business with Shared Resources