Histo Hints

Contact: Julie Randolph-Habecker
Contact phone: (206) 667-6119

Training Type: Live Class
Training Format: Live Presentation

Experimental Histopathology is offering short classes and demos that address a variety of topics important to histology. The goal of Histo Hints is to introduce new products and techniques that are available and to ensure that users are submitting the highest quality samples for processing. The first session was a demonstration on an improved method for OCT embedding tissue for frozen sectioning. Future Histo Hints classes will include cryosectioning with a tape transfer system, the use of tissue culture specimens in histological analysis, new combined fixative/decalcifying reagents for bone histology, and techniques for grossing tissue.

Please contact Julie Randolph-Habecker (jhabecke@fredhutch.org) to be added to the e-mail contact list or visit the lab for more details (DE-360).

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