Researcher Profiles

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In addition to tracking all papers published by Fred Hutch researchers, the Arnold Library will now be offering a researcher profile service.  

This new service will roll out in two phases:

1.    Temporary Solution
Necessitated by a variety of changes made by the former profile vendor, the library now hosts all previously profiled researchers in a temporary home within the library’s website, and merged it with our Fred Hutch authored papers tracking service citation set.  

These interim profiles are live at

a.    If you formerly had a profile, please take a look at this new version and let us know if any data should be edited.  

  • No need for special accounts or publication tracking, we take care of all edits for you.  Email us at if you see any errors or omissions and librarians will make the corrections.  
  • Please note, publications in this system only date back to 2008 and represent papers with Fred Hutch addresses among authors.  Please let us know if you would like us to add your older and non-Fred Hutch papers to this temporary system.  We haven’t lost the records of your older papers, and our focus will be on making sure that all of your papers appear in our permanent profile solution (see below).
  • Unfortunately, your former profile links have all been broken by the vendor and they chose not to create any redirects.  We recommend you remove those links from your websites, etc. You are welcome to replace them with links to our interim system.

b.    If you did NOT previously have a  profile, but would like one now, please email your CV and a headshot photograph (optional) to, and we’ll gladly build you a page.

2.    Long Term Solution

Working with a team that includes members of CIT, the Director’s Office and Web Communications, we plan to select and recommend a new profiles system that will offer our community a variety of new functionality and efficiencies.  The goal of this work is to provide a solution that offers profiles that are accurate, up-to-date, efficient to maintain, data rich, and which support researcher collaboration and publication reporting.