Nanostring nCounter

Contact: Crissa Bennett
Location: Thomas Bldg DE-740
Contact phone: (206) 667-5693
Contact fax: (206) 667-2825
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The NanoString nCounter system is an automated system that provides a direct measurement of gene expression using a novel digital color-coded barcode technology.

Up 800 different targets can be analyzed within a single specimen using NanoString’s pre-made CodeSets or a custom designed CodeSet.  The data is quantitative and provides accurate, precise and reproducible results without the need for amplification.  The NanoString Digital Analyzer counts single molecules tagged with unique color barcodes rather than measuring fluorescent intensity, as is done with microarrays.  The system is flexible with the ability to detect RNA, miRNA and DNA in a variety of different sample types, including:

  • Tissue (fresh, frozen, FFPE-derived total RNA)
  • Crude Cell & Tissue lysates
  • Whole Blood, Other Biological Fluids
  • Total RNA
  • Genomic DNA
  • Single-cells (requires minimal amplification)

For a detailed description of the technology please look at the NanoString website.

Reagents and Consumables

For a list of pre-designed CodeSets please refer to the NanoString website or reach out to our NanoString sales rep: Karen L Krantz Regional Account Manager NanoString Technologies (cell) 206-595-2525

Accessing Service

For internal and external pricing, as well as submission requirements and documents please contact Crissa Bennett (