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The Arnold Library offers a broad collection of both print & electronic materials to serve our community.

Online / Digital

  • E-Journals: 23,330+ titles
  • E-books: 19,310+
  • Video Online: 1,175 + (JOVE, JOVE Neuroscience, JOVE Immunology & Infection)

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  • Hardcopy, Print Books &  Journal Volumes: 30,136+
  • DVDs/CD-ROMs: 333
  • A Popular Science collection of Books and DVDs.  Located on the 1M (upstairs) level of the library or browse titles in the catalog.

We purchase nearly any hardcopy/print scholarly book or DVD that our research community requests.  Make a request here.

Journal subscriptions are reviewed annually and evaluated for cost per use, relevance to our research community and quality.  Email with questions or suggestions.