High Content Analysis (plate screening)

Location: Thomas Building, DE-512
Contact phone: (206) 667-4205
Contact e-mail: imaging@fredhutch.org

High content analysis is a technology that combines automated, high throughput microscopy with image cytometry to extract quantitative information for a variety of parameters from a large number of samples. Typically, high content assays are performed with cells grown in monolayers in a micro-plate format and stained with fluorescently labeled antibodies and/or a variety dyes. Scientific Imaging provides support with assay planning and optimization, imaging, and image analysis including the creation of custom analysis protocols.


(For technical details, follow the links below for the instruments)

Cellomics Arrayscan VTI high content reader. The ArrayScan is specifically designed for high content analysis and for image-based screening applications in multi-well plate format. The instrument is primarily designed for the imaging of fluorescent samples (Blue, Green, Red and Far Red channels), but is also capable of collecting transmitted light images.  It is highly recommended to contact the Resource for experiment planning and for a list of compatible plates.

Essen Biosciences Incucyte Zoom. The Incucyte is a dedicated, easy to use incubator microscope for kinetic live cell assays. The system is capable of enhanced phase contrast and two color (green, red) fluorescence imaging. The system is ideal for monitoring cell proliferation, invasion, and apoptosis, for monitoring stem cell reprogramming, cytotoxicity assays, reporter gene expression, and more.

Scheduling time for instruments, training, and support:

To schedule time on any of our microscopes, or to schedule staff assistance or training, please use iLab. The resource is open to all from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. After hours access can be granted to experienced users and requires training by the resource's staff. Please contact Scientific Imaging for further details.

How to access your data:

Data acquired on Scientific Imaging instruments is transferred to the si folder in the user's fred account. If you do not have a fred account, please submit the computing account application form. Once you have obtained a fred account, please contact Scientific Imaging so that we can create an si link for you. External users without access to fred can obtain their data via ftp, or can download to their own data storage device from one of our dedicated computers. Please note that no portable drives are allowed on instrument computers.