Specimen Processing and Research Cell Bank are in the process of merging into one core facility. A new joint web site is coming soon. For now, to see additional services provided, visit the Specimen Processing web site.

Research Cell Bank (RCB)

The Research Cell Bank (RCB) offers a broad range of customized services including cell banking, cell processing, and specimen processing services along with DNA extraction, general tissue culture, and the generation of immortal cell lines using EBV. Staff work closely with users to insure all project needs are met. The RCB is also a centralized repository of frozen blood cells and DNA derived from hematopoetic cell transplant (HCT) patients, donors, and family members dating back to the 1970s from HCT transplants performed at Fred Hutch and SCCA. Samples in this inventory are available upon request for a nominal charge.
Thomas Building, D2-346/345
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 19024, D2-100 Seattle, WA 98109-1024
(206) 667-1450, (206) 667-3756
(206) 667-5255
Jenna Gravley, Lab Manager

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Thomas Building, D2-346/345
(206) 667-1450, (206) 667-3756

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